Samstag, Dezember 14, 2013

14. Dezember

So wie es aussieht, ist das Paket angekommen.

"This year I wanted to be really early with sending a christmas packet to you so it would be at your house in time for Christmas.

Today I checked online whether is had arrived yet. Usually that works well.

But when I put in the number I was given at the post office I thought I didn´t see right. It said that the box had arrived in the destined country on Sunday, October 20th.: in Spain.


Of course I contacted DHL, they couldn´t really help, they just assumed that one of their employees had read the adress wrong and sent it to Barcelona in Spain.
But they couldn´t explain why the spanish post didn´t do anything further and they also didn´t know if the box was still traceable.

This afternoon DHL sent a claim form which I am going to fill out but that will not help getting the things for Christmas to you in time. :-(

So maybe ... hopefully ... you will receive a Christmas packet but sadly it won´t be there at Christmas.

Are you fine? I think of you a lot and I hope ... is staying in contact.

Viele Grüße"
Diese Mail hatte ich verschickt und nachdem sich mein Großer und sein Gastbruder gestern Abend über diese Mail beömmelt haben, teilte der Gastbruder  mit, not to worry, es sei alles da.

Was die Frage aufwirft: Wiese macht mein Großer hier massiv Stress anstatt dass er direkt mal beim Empfänger nachfragt? Hat er so lange nicht mit ihm gesprochen???

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